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Well it’s that part of the covid-19 timeline where restrictions are easing again. I’m sure many of you will be joining me on a trip to the local barber's/hairdressers for a much-needed chop. Don’t be like me and try to walk in and think you will even get a look without an appointment. Our agonizingly missed restaurants, pubs and bars are also set to return at this week where we can enjoy a pint, a G&T and a meal that we haven’t had to make. I can’t wait for the weekend (haven’t said that in a while).

On my walks and bike rides outside recently there has been a sense of excitement in the air in towns and parks as people return to communal activities such as non-essential retail. Indoor gyms and swimming pools will soon reopen and our lives will make another move back towards normality.

According to the government over 60% of adults have accepted one dose of the vaccine, official figures stating that 32 million people have received a jab. This is great for the UK and as the season changes I'm feeling very positive about Summer 2021. We made it, we have been patient and respectful. Thanks for reading and stay healthy!


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