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Since events have turned virtual, one thing we can’t deny is the environmental benefits of hosting online events. So how can we further minimise the impact on the environment when running a live event? There are so many elements to look at such as using clean energy destinations, green venues, eliminating single use plastics, using sustainable materials for producing sets and partnering with organisations to prevent food waste just to name a few.

You may wonder where to start, but as long as you do make a start you are heading in the right direction. Beginning with small measures such as using recycling bins is a starting point until you can scale up by working towards a carbon offset plan for your event.

Live events are imperative for businesses, where experts can meet, advances in healthcare, innovation and technology can be made – but we must not ignore the environmental impact. There is always something we can improve on.

A recent talk I listened to said it is ‘time to demand sustainability’. Therefore we need to be working with venues and suppliers that prioritise and have solid sustainable practices in place which will ultimately make for a better event.

"As an agency, it is our responsibility to educate clients on how to weave sustainable practices into their events and our duty to work with suppliers who also support this."



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