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Having been thinking about my next Blog topic for several days, the idea came to me in the shower when, ironically, I wasn’t even thinking about the Blog. Like lots of people, creative ideas and solutions often come to me when doing something monotonous. Activities that don’t take a lot of cognitive focus allow your mind to relax and wander, promoting free flow thinking. In this state we are more capable of gaining fresh insights, making new connections and thinking about problems creatively. 

So, what other ways are there to spark creativity?

Go for a walk
Researchers have found that walking boosts creative output by 60 percent, making it a great way to spur creative thinking.

As the saying goes, 'two heads are better than one' so chat through your ideas and get some alternative perspectives.

Listen to music
Studies suggest that listening to happy music promotes more divergent thinking, so switch on Alexa and give yourself a mental boost.

Create a mind map
A mind map is a great way of generating a large and diverse range of ideas, quickly.

Be inspired
Find inspiration from others. Check out creative award winners, visit art galleries and look at what’s gone viral or what’s trending.

And finally…

Don’t give up!
It takes perseverance to find the perfect creative solution. It’s easy to feel demoralised if you’re ‘stuck’, but as a very wise University lecturer used to say in that situation, “just do something!” It’s easy to over-analyse and let a creative block stop you from producing anything at all. Just get stuck in! Explore, make mistakes, generate a few more ideas and consider a few more options. You’ll probably find that your next creative idea is closer than you think.


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