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The App has become a staple element in the event world, becoming more of an expectation than a bonus, creating a pre event buzz and enhancing the event experience.

We have been providing apps for the past 5 years and have seen how much more sophisticated they have become as well as more widely used. The app removes the need for any printed collateral such as agendas, directories, pre reads etc and thus creating a more sustainable event beneficial to both the environment and the budget.

An app can become a hub for interactivity with the use of live polling, audience participation, attendee networking, gaming as well as being able to share photos and comments of the event creating a social aspect. Article sharing is also a way of creating a more informed audience for the speaker, where delegates can study the material before a session.

The app design is fundamental for us and can determine whether it is successful or not, ultimately impacting on the whole event. We believe the event app should have a clean interface, clutter free! Delegates do not want to be overwhelmed by options; the first impression is everything. It should be organised with a simple menu and flow in a logical manner. Clear icons and a basic colour palette to avoid user frustration and distraction and branding your app to your company is key. Also, the more personal the app the better, with the use of personalised schedules and real time notifications providing updates to the agenda or location changes really helps the flow of the event.

So, what can we expect in 2020 and onwards? For sure a far richer mobile experience and smoother delivery.

Rise of the Intelligent App will continue to progress over the next few years where capabilities will continue to evolve. The current use of chatbots, proficient in understanding and answering delegate questions in a visual and engaging way will become more like personalised ‘digital concierge’, proactively providing recommendations and updates.

Bluetooth beacon technology and apps (known as the ‘power couple) will continue to develop, allowing way finding, location-based messaging, enhanced networking and attendee behaviours, gamification and visitor orientation.

I would encourage the use of an app especially for the larger events in order to elevate the attendee experience and to optimise your event to its maximum as well as the greener impact it has. It is also a very helpful tool for us event planners as it eliminates a lot of delegate queries!