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Having been thinking about my next Blog topic for several days, the idea came to me in the shower when, ironically, I wasn’t even thinking about the Blog. Like lots of people, creative ideas and solutions often come to me when doing something monotonous. Activities that don’t take a lot of cognitive focus allow your mind to relax and wander, promoting free flow thinking...

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Even the best marketing campaign only catches attention if it stands out. It needs to rise above the noise of competing messages and tap into your target audience. Eye-catching graphics bring ideas to life and effectively display key messages about your company and the products/services you sell...

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Having a coherent, balanced and consistent event identity helps to shape how an event is perceived by its attendees, so it’s vital to get it right. Every aspect of the event needs consideration, from the pre-event communications, onsite elements such as stage sets, signage and collateral to the post event communications, to really make your brand and messaging memorable.

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