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Successfully engaging with your audience has never been more important than right now. 

With our inhouse solutions and our suggested partners we can find the best fit for you to deliver your digital, virtual or hybrid conference, exhibition, training, team building or any other event you wish to consider.


Planning Management

The ops team at Lime Blue Solutions have many years of experience planning successful worldwide events. We believe these skills are fundamental to a physical event and are also vital in the planning and management of a digital or virtual experience.

Digital Communications

Our inhouse creative design team can deliver effective branding communications for all your event and experience needs. We deliver both physical and digital engagement for commercial and event environments.


Digital Platform

We have been using our digital platform for delegate registration, agendas, pre recorded content, libraries, toolkits and event session scheduling for a number of years. We can now also offer live streaming all in one environment.

Event Apps

Our event app allows delegates to quickly access content and information at their fingertips. The app is linked to our event platform so delegates can listen to speaker presentations on the main screen or laptop whilst interacting via their mobile devices.

Virtual Studios and Sets

We can now create virtual studios with backgrounds and environments to suit presenters needs for delivering live or pre-recorded content. These can be produced in a controlled environment to emulate live backgrounds with your event branding to create more interest, impact and engagement.

Film / Video / Animation

We have been designing and producing content in film, video and animation format for many of our clients. From full conference videos, campaign animations, live filming or bookending existing content we can assist you in creating the right message. 


Teambuilding / Experiential

To enhance your digital event there are now numerous online activities and experiences available and more coming. We are working with  some of the best suppliers in the business who have adapted to this new virtual world.

Postbox incentives

Haptic and other sensory experiences can help to bring an audience together no matter how remote they are from each other. Receiving a challenge, gift, experience or an invitation in the post can add that physical touch that matters.



What is the overall objective of your digital event
What key messages do you need to deliver
What do you want attendees to gain
What experience/s do you want to provide
How are your teams currently communicating
What technology platforms are you using
Is your audience global
Do you need to consider time zones
Delegates personal circumstance
Is multi language delivery required
Planning and rehearsal time